Unique reimbursement programme for ICO/IEO/DeFi investors back from 2015-2020.

GIIS originated at LH-Crypto, a popular crypto broker. It is available for holders of different coins picked by the project and published at this site.

Our service reimburses the lost market value of different coins, fully or partly.

For reimbursement, please go through a verification process, confirm your tokenholder status, accept an offer that enables users to integrate the coin into LH-Crypto broker platform.

  • register on the site
  • provide KYC data
  • prove tokenholder rights
  • receive reimbursement
  • higher reputation
  • coin promotion
  • maintain tokenholder loyalty high
  • VIP partner status
I have read and accepted the GIIS Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
For a successful reimbursement, you will be automatically registered at www.lh-crypto.com
TEL - - - - in process
TKA 2021.06.10 - 0,12 €/tk - in process
PTR 2021.05.31 0,11 - - rejected
REcoin 2021.01.20 2021.02.21 0.012 €/tk 0.015 €/tk completed
EBZ 2021.01.19 - - - rejected
LUST 2020.11.23 2020.12.25 0.048 €/tk 0.059 €/tk completed
CNK 2020.09.17 2020.10.20 0.59 €/tk 0.71 €/tk completed