PHASE 0: Envion

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Envion is a token that backs up a system of revolutionary mobile mining units that connect directly to the renewable source of energy, like hydro plants, solar panels, windmills, etc. Thus it can mine tokens and cryptocurrency using directly the source of energy, so that it provided cleaner energy with no intermediaries.

This system is founded on intermodal sea containers improved with certain technical features for better production and communication. The mobile unites have a cutting-edge cooling system. All of these features enable Envion mobile mining units to provide the cleanest and cheapest energy for mining.

GIIS received an request to consider Envion token for the Insurance programme. We were pleasantly surprised to know about such project, as there are many eco activists among GIIS team.

GIIS is reviewing the request, it will take us approximately 5-7 business days to come to a decision.